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Angie-Inglis“Ella is an exceptionally gifted yoga teacher and healer! I have attended many of her yoga classes, a raw food/yoga retreat, and had several reiki treatments from her. Her yoga classes are passionate and inspiring…she even inspired me to become a yoga teacher! Her retreat was wonderful, the raw food was delicious! I have had several reiki treatments with her as well, all extremely healing. The last reiki treatment I had for my broken wrist left me feeling like my arm was floating. During the treatment I saw black balls of energy leaving my wrist. Ella’s warm and friendly personality puts you at ease and makes you feel welcome. Thank you, Ella!”

Angie Inglis, Yoga Teacher/Elementary Teacher

dariya-zinchenko“Ella is an incredible yoga teacher! When I started attending her classes I’ve been practicing yoga for a while, but she managed to bring a new perspective and make my practice much more spiritual. She loves what she does and you can feel it by attending her classes. I also found her hands on adjustments very helpful in improving my practice. She’s a truly gifted instructor.”

Dariya Zinchenko, Event Coordinator

mark-brodsky“I have been taking Ella’s yoga classes since 2009! One of the things I love best about Ella is that she shows a full range of options for each position, which makes even the most challenging poses seem attainable, because it’s just one small step from one level to the next. She is the main reason I get up early on Saturday mornings and leave the house – regardless of the weather!”

Mark Brodsky, Email Marketing and Social Media

summer-kim“I always entertained the idea of becoming a yogi because I would appear to be zen, fit and flexible – all appealing qualities for a woman – so I dropped in different classes offered at various studios once in a while. However, I did not know that I will come to discover so much goodness behind the regular practice of yoga, especially Ella’s beautiful vinyasa flow that I gradually fell in love with. She brings to the room an incredible energy and passion, perfectly balanced with calmness and effortlessness. She teaches how to find the present on the mat without judging oneself or others. She guides people through a true flow where one asana seamlessly lands itself onto the next while the focus on breathing is never lost. Personally, I am naturally more flexible and Ella keeps stressing the importance of maintaining strength in all poses to prevent injury and deepen my practice. This has helped me grow in my journey to breathe steadily and deeply as I put my body in more challenging postures. I am grateful for this amazing introduction to yoga and it is such an honor to be led by and practice with someone who genuinely enjoys and wants to share what she loves.”

Summer Kim – Creative Operations Coordinator

michelle-brown“Ella absolutely exudes kindness, warmth and encouragement. She truly cares about her students and is committed to helping them further their practice (both physically and spiritually) while working safely within the limits of their bodies. You will often hear Ella say, “take care” as she guides her students through different sequences and reminds everyone to focus on how they are feeling and not on what other students in the room may be doing. Whether you are new to yoga or are a long time practitioner, you will get exactly what you need from her classes. Ella was one of my first yoga teachers and was as inspiring then as she is now, 4 and a half years later. As a new yoga instructor myself, Ella continues to provide encouragement, inspiration and motivation. She is an absolute shining star and I am so grateful to have her as a role model, teacher and friend.”

Michelle Brown, Yoga Instructor & Human Resources Professional

Omar-Al-SamadiThroughout my 20’s I’ve been surrounded by yoga. Many of my closest friends are enthusiasts, some of whom now enjoy successful teaching careers. Despite the constant exposure, for years I resisted what I now deem an essential part of my life. It was Ella who inspired this change. About a year ago I enrolled in a gym membership at 99 Sudbury with the intention of using the weight rooms and other personal workout facilities. One of the perks of membership is access to the different fitness classes including four weekly yoga classes, two of which are taught by Ella. Her classes have now become the focus of my membership. Ella is wonderfully accomplished when it comes to teaching. Her patience, energy and charisma allow her to engage any class member regardless of their level of skill. It’s for this reason why her classes are so well attended. It’s a blessing to practise with her and to have her as part of my journey. Anyone else would surely feel the same.

Omar Al-Samadi, Co-Founder, Rare Beef Records

Anita-LiebermanElla is a very special yoga instructor in many ways. Her warm voice and demeanour, and sense of humour, put you at ease immediately. She has a sense of what you are capable of and gently encourages you do try things you may never have done before. But she is also very respectful of people’s limitations such as injuries, chronic issues or just the fear of going upside down and she always helps you find a suitable modification. I always feel that Ella is present for her students. She is not there to show us what an accomplished yogini she is. And she is!!! I value Ella as an instructor and as a friend.

Anita Lieberman, Student

tarekAfter injuring my back three years ago, I tried everything for pain relief; anti-inflammatory’ s, massage therapy ,even acupuncture but none of it seemed to help. I finally decided to give yoga a try and quickly took a liking to Ella’s classes. I am a bigger guy who has been weight training for years so flexibility was a big concern for me going into it. Ella was very welcoming and coached me through modifications that fit my range of motion and skill level. Within weeks I started to notice that the pain in my lower back had subsided. My upper body opened up, my legs felt more limber and before I knew it, I was able to move in ways I could not since I was a teenager. Thanks to Ella and the practice of yoga, I have not experienced any type of pain in my back for several years. More importantly, Ella has brought a serenity mentally and spiritually. I have learned to enjoy the smaller things in life and let go of things I cannot control. Ella and her practice have become my sanctuary and I cannot thank her enough for it.

Tarek – Trader

Heather-GonzalesI took my first class with Ella almost 3 years ago and instantly connected with her energy and teaching style. Under Ella’s helpful guidance, I have been able to deepen my practice and continually challenge myself towards more advanced poses. Ella’s classes are always thoughtfully sequenced to physically challenge mind and body, and heal the spirit. I always leave class feeling energized, centred, and 100x better than I did beforehand.

Heather Gonzales, Expeditor at Lululemon