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Strawberry Crumble to Warm your Heart

February 14, 2016

I know it is cold outside, but this crumble pie recipe will warm you right up! Easy, healthy and oh, so delicious!  The beauty of this pie is that ANY fruit can be used!! I usually make strawberry & pear, or strawberry & rhubarb, but this time just a nice simple strawberry crumble pie. Ingredients Fruit bottom 8 cups CHOPPED... Read More


January 11, 2016

An honor to interview Sat Dharam Kaur for Parvati Magazine.  She spent her life dedicated to women’s health.  Read the interview to learn easy ways to stay vibrant and healthy in everyday life.  Parvati Magazine is full of inspiration, education and “A-ha” moments of insights. Yoga: Being a Vehicle for Insight, with Sat Dharam Kaur Ella Isakov, Yoga Editor: Sat Dharam... Read More

Holiday Cheer! Scrumptious recipes that will delight in any season!

December 17, 2015

It is that time of year, where we are busy with holiday events, family visits and shopping, not to mention still maintaining our usual daily routine.  It can get stressful, and sometimes that stress can take away from the true meaning of this holiday season, one of love, warmth and being together.  One way I show love is by organizing... Read More

Stuffed Acorn Squash

November 4, 2015

This is an easy autumn meal that will impress anyone! It impressed my boyfriend!;-) I have a busy schedule with irregular hours so fast and easy is important, as is having leftovers for the next day.  The left over filling can be used for stuffing peppers or even hollowed out zucchini, just dribble some cheese on top and bake in... Read More


November 3, 2015

My latest interview for Parvati Magazine with the wonderful and very humble Elena Brower. The Interview is in the yoga section, but I encourage you to look around the sight as it’s full of insightful articles. Yoga: Living in Luminosity, with Elena Brower Ella Isakov, Yoga Editor: Elena Brower, based in New York, has been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years.... Read More

Aahh!! Savasana!!

October 11, 2015

Savasana which translates to corpse pose is a meditative ending to a yoga class that allows one to connect to the earth, to let go and be held by it. It provides much needed time of stillness to help the body and mind to rest, giving us an opportunity to integrate and let go of the yoga practice, to be slowly transformed. I... Read More

Interview with Judith Lasater

October 4, 2015

Yoga: Restorative Yoga, with Judith Hanson Lasater Ella Isakov, Yoga Editor: Judith Lasater dedicates her life to helping people rest with Restorative Yoga and has published books guiding people to live more peaceful lives. It is a pleasure to interview her for the theme of forgiveness. Parvati Magazine: You have been teaching for over 4 decades and published books on asana,... Read More

Book Review: Resilience by Eric Greitens

September 3, 2015

I am a lover of books. Amongst the stacks of books on my bed side table you will find biographies of inspirational people, books on yoga, and spiritual books guiding us to live a more fulfilling life. The book “Resilience” by Eric Greitens was an inspiring read, and I HIGHLY recommend to anyone. It is not a yoga or spiritual... Read More

Interview with Michael Lee

August 31, 2015

I discovered Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2010 when it was recommended as another healing modality to add to my skills.  I took the level 1 – 5 day training and was hooked.  It is like no other style of yoga therapy, an embodied practice that empowers the client to really be present and hear inner wisdom come through.  Michael... Read More

10 ways to make each day a little brighter and more meaningful

August 9, 2015

A few weeks ago I went for lunch with a dear friend who has been going through a lot of change and challenges. Once we got settled and ordered our meals, she said that she has been thinking about me knowing everything I have gone through in my life, and wanted advice on how to find ease amongst all that... Read More